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For Individuals and Families:

Financial planning is a comprehensive analysis of your present financial situation including financial and life goals, family circumstances, assets and debts, budget, insurance needs and other material information. As a roadmap to reaching your goals, we provide recommendations that include long-term strategies and short-term tactics with monitoring and reassessment of the plan as your circumstances evolve.

Portfolio management entails an initial portfolio review; development and implementation of a sound investment strategy based on your financial objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and core values; asset allocation and rebalancing; and ongoing investment oversight.

Estate and wealth transfer strategies assist clients in planning for and managing their legacy through the use of trusts, college saving accounts, gifting to minors, and other strategies. Working with estate attorneys and CPAs, we are able to form an integrated team to manage your estate needs.

Budget development and coaching guides novice savers and investors through the first steps in managing their finances and planning for future objectives.

For Nonprofits and Businesses:

Retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b) and IRAs, are all group options for providing employees - and employers - efficient, cost effective means for retirement savings. All of our retirement offerings can help minimize taxes, reduce fees and expenses, and offer socially responsible investments.

Portfolio management of investment accounts and endowments provides professional oversight of trusted assets while instituting investment strategies that more closely reflect your organizational mission.