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Financial Planning

Financial planning must be a priority for every investor, regardless of age or income. Similar to a roadmap for life, everyone has financial objectives they are pursuing, and it is these goals that drive the financial planning process. Whether you are saving money for your first home, wondering how to save for your child's college education, or thinking about how to retire comfortably, planning for the future must be done and can be done in a socially responsible manner.

As socially responsible financial professionals, we believe that the best financial plan is one that integrates an investor's objectives with responsible investing strategies that incorporate environmental, social, and governance investment criteria. As your financial advisor, we will help to clearly define and understand your financial and life goals. We will work with you to determine your tolerance for risk. We will identify the social issues that concern you most and outline how those issues may impact your investments. Together, with a commitment and shared understanding, we will develop a financial plan that lays out a clear action plan designed to achieve your goals.

For some investors, protecting assets from unforeseen catastrophes is the top priority. Complementing the financial planning process is implementing sound insurance strategies. The objective of insurance policies is to protect individuals and families from the risks that we face every day. Finding the most suitable insurance policy is the responsibility of your financial advisor, making sense of the marketplace and managing risk where necessary. We are ready to educate investors on life insurance, disability and long-term care insurance, and group and business insurance. When the time is right, we want our clients to feel comfortable about how insurance is working for them and protecting their nest egg.

Our Process

As your financial life grows and becomes more complex our planning and investment strategies grow with you. Get objective advice from a financial professional and build a plan with the right investments to reach your life goals.

  1. Listen - This is the most important stage of the planning process. You tell us what you would like your money to accomplish for you - retirement, college tuition, starting a business, living life to the fullest. We’ll also gather important information to understand what your financial position is now, so we can chart a roadmap to get from today to meeting your financial goals.
  2. Identify - By listening, we can identify what time horizon your investment program will have, what level of risk is appropriate for financial success and peace of mind, and what social responsibility means to you and your investments.
  3. Design - Once informed by your financial goals and objectives, we can design an investment plan tailored to meet your needs. We’ll go over this plan with you, taking the time needed for your understanding and agreement on our recommended course of action.
  4. Implement - We then implement the plan using the broad array of financial resources and access to markets available to us, at the most reasonable cost possible to meet our fiduciary responsibility to always put your best interests first.
  5. Monitor - We will oversee your tailored investment program to ensure you stay on track in meeting your financial goals, making any necessary adjustments along the way.