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Fossil Fuel Free Retirement Plans

For many workers, a 401(k) may be their biggest or only investment aside from banking. Before your money funds your retirement, it can work for people and the planet as part of a socially responsible investment strategy. And employees are discovering their power to align their values with their retirement plan investments! Surveys have found that nearly 75% of plan participants would or might increase their overall 401(k) contribution rate if offered sustainable fund options, and 40% say having those fund options would improve how they view their employer. Accessible and ethical retirement programs could make a major contribution to making saving for retirement far more egalitarian than it has been historically.

Your Mission

Employers, align your 401(k) with your mission. Companies are committing to decarbonization and prioritizing environmental and social sustainability in their operations, including their retirement plans!

Your Experts

We stand ready to ensure compliance with regulatory statutes while adhering to ESG-aligned investments. We serve as 3(21) or 3(38) advisors and work with plan providers big and small.

Your Investments

When it comes to your mission and driving positive change, your investments options can address multiple objectives. Through divestment, solution-focused strategies, shareholder advocacy, and community investments, your retirement plan can make real impact!

Your Needs

We accompany you through the plan design process and the ongoing administration of the plan. Following a prescribed fiduciary process, we'll recommend plan menu design, help draft an Investment Policy Statement, recommend suitable investment options, serve the plan fiduciaries, and conduct regular employee meetings.