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We are full-service financial advisors with a vision of bringing socially responsible investing (SRI) and planning to individuals, families, small businesses and nonprofits. We offer a wide range of financial services. For individuals and families, we provide portfolio management, financial planning and life, health and disability insurance. For nonprofits and small businesses, we also offer group retirement plans and corporate benefits.

Like you, we are concerned with creating a better, more just society and a healthy, sustainable planet. It is for that reason we are strongly committed to helping you meet your personal financial goals, while empowering you to use your investments to address the social and environmental issues you most care about. Through investment screening, community investments and shareholder advocacy, our clients are able to make an impact in several meaningful ways.

We are representatives of SharePower Responsible Investing, a national company of socially responsible financial advisors. SharePower is a different kind of independent financial company. SharePower is collectively owned by all member advisors and support staff. We serve our clients first and foremost and are not beholden to a Wall Street or insurance behemoth. We firmly believe that the best investment program meets the financial needs of each client and contributes to a better society.

Whether you are new to investing or financial planning or have been a long time investor, discussing your finances with an advisor can often be a daunting proposition. We understand that for many people finding a financial advisor who they can trust, who they are comfortable with, is at the bottom of their to-do list. Yet, we do believe that finding the right financial advisor for you is worth the time and effort.

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Our mission is to provide the highest level of integrated responsible investment programs to individuals, families, business and non-profits that care about integrating their values into their financial goals. We are dedicated to accomplishing our mission with excellence in professional standards of experience, integrity, ethics and service.


Myth #4: Investors talk about ESG but don't actually invest in it...

As of 2022, assets invested in sustainable strategies had increased to $8.4 trillion, according to the US Sustainable Investment Forum. Investors are increasingly concerned with executive pay, sustainable natural resources, board issues, anti-corruption, and climate change and carbon emissions.  Investors are turning to ESG strategies and, thereby, placing higher demands on corporate responsibility.

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